Production of applications with vibrational feeders by recognized brands like TUMAC or Lama, individually finished according to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

1 Rotational vibration feeders diameter of 100 –750 mm

2 Linear vibrating feeders of various sizes

3 Dedicated selectors for the isolation of a piece before the consumption

4 Dispensers: various shapes (cylindrical, conical, stepped) and sizes from 100 –1200 mmdiameter. They are made of stainless steel or ordinary steel, the inside may be duct with relevant PVC materials (vulcolan, habazit) to improve the characteristics of Feeding

5 Belt elevators: Automatic updating of feeding devices (various sizes and purposes)

6 Vibration shakers-bunkers: Automatic updating of feeding devices. We also manufacture appropriate noise protection walls and bases for all Feeding systems.

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